• What is talking therapy (psychotherapy)? Lisa Gorman, a trained psychotherapist, explains.

What is talking therapy (psychotherapy)?

Talking therapy (Psychotherapy) involves talking with a trained psychotherapist. A psychotherapist carefully listens to and observes both verbal and non-verbal communications. Sharing what is on your mind and how that makes you feel can help observe patterns in your life which may be helpful to change. Patterns of behaviour and communications can be set in place very early in life, part of the work is to be able to help link up thoughts and feelings that may have an effect on current behaviours and moods. Through talking therapy, you can share your experiences confidentially in a safe therapeutic environment. This can offer a sense of release and renewed insight allowing you to develop more self-assurance and stability.

Using psychotherapy can allow us to think together about how future communications and relationships might be more effective, satisfying and fulfilling. I combine both psychotherapy (talking therapy) and art making psychotherapy. However, some clients prefer not to make art. There is no right or wrong choice, it is whatever you are comfortable with. The art materials are always there, if you decide you might like to try them out. Every session is focused on meaning and what is important to you. At your pace.

  • Sessions can help to offer a sense of release, renewed insight and can positively impact behaviours and moods.

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