• What is art psychotherapy? Lisa Gorman, a trained art psychotherapist explains.

what is art psychotherapy?

Art Psychotherapy uses both talking therapy and the creative process. Making art within a safe therapeutic environment can help you to connect to feelings where words may be insufficient or difficult. The image can become the language and your voice. The combination of making an image and talking, means the image is there, not as a, ‘work of art’ but as another way to connect and understand yourself better.

As with talking therapy, understanding yourself better can help you to build inner strength, stability, courage and confidence. Sharing your creativity with a professional Art Psychotherapist can be experienced as cathartic. You do not need to have any artistic talents or experience. It is not an art lesson. It is an exploration of your feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Every session is focussed on meaning and what is important to you. At your pace.

  • Explore thoughts & experiences & understand yourself better by talking and exploring feelings through art.
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